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Plenary Meeting of the European Communist Initiative

The plenary meeting of the European Communist Initiative (ECI) was held in Athens on Monday 26/11/18.

In the framework of the meeting, after the introductory speech made by G. Marinos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE, and the subsequent discussion, an assessment of the rich action of the previous six months was carried out, that highlighted the significant interventions and initiatives that were held by the ECI: against the imperialist Euro-Atlantic plans and the further dangerous militarization of the EU; against the anti-communism of the EU and of the governments particularly against the Communists in Poland, Ukraine and other countries; against the anti-popular measures that are been generalized: the orchestrated restriction of the right to strike, the measures affecting the right to education in the EU Member States and other countries. Also, for important anniversaries and celebrations such as the Great October Socialist Revolution, the May Day, the anniversary of the Anti-fascist Victory of the peoples, etc.

The participating parties also welcomed the workers’ demonstrations and strikes, the militant activities in a number of countries, pointing out the need to strengthen the workers'-people’s struggle in each country, as well as the coordination of the Communist and Workers’ Parties that constitute the Initiative. They expressed their concerns about the worrying developments regarding the imperialist plans in the South-Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Black Sea and the intensification of competitions. They stressed the need to strengthen the study of the issues of Europe and the EU in order to strengthen the elaboration of common positions of the parties for their distinct intervention.

At the same time the Parties of the Initiativeplanned their activities for the first half of 2019, a period when the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist International stands out. The Communist Party of Turkey proposed to host this event in Istanbul next February, during which the CP’s participating in the Initiative will present estimations and conclusions on the major historical-political events of the 20th century regarding each of their countries.

Moreover, in front of the new anti-communist trial in Poland against members and cadres of the Communist Party of Poland, the parties of the Initiative are scheduling protests on Monday, December 3, outside the Polish embassies at each country, demanding to immediately bar any anti-communist persecution against Communists.

After an encouragement by the Initiative, representatives from the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, the Communist Party of Mexico and the Paraguayan Communist Party were also invited and participated in the plenary session, in order to expand the Initiative beyond the borders of the European continent, which constitutes a new qualitative step in the course of the Initiative.

Finally, after its request, the affiliation of the Communist Workers' Party of Finland for Peace and Socialism to the Initiative was approved. With this affiliation, the Initiative now consists of 30 Communist and Worker’s Parties.